Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you tell me how you began painting featherweights?

A. About 15 years ago, I painted my first Featherweight sewing machine. My wife found that first one in a yard sale; it needed a lot of TLC. I restored it, painted it black, and added the necessary decals, etc. I shared my experience with the members of Featherweight Fanatics, and soon a lady contacted me to see if I would paint her Featherweight treasure green. I did just that and placed a picture of it on the Internet, calling the color John Deere green. The rest is history. After everyone saw her "new" Featherweight, I was quickly overwhelmed with orders. Now, my part-time hobby is escalating into a full-time job. In fact, I have a full-time employee working with me, painting and restoring featherweights. Without a doubt, we provide the finest Featherweight restorations worldwide bar none.

Q. What does a paint job include?

A. It includes completely repainting your machine, finishing with a clear, durable second coat and new decals, and servicing your Featherweight as it is reassembled.

Q. What colors can you paint them?

A. Our machines are painted with the best auto paint and supplies, providing a wide choice of automobile colors and a very durable, long-lasting, clear coat finish.

Q. Will painting my Featherweight limit its use as a sewing machine?

A. Painting your Featherweight will not reduce its ability to perform in any way. Actually, the durable, clear coat finish will bring the beauty of a lovely antique into your home while giving you many years of dependable service under normal conditions.

Q. How long will it take from the time I send it to you until I can expect to have it returned?

A. Each machine is finished in the order that it is received. Time may vary, also, depending on the necessary repairs. Please order early for special occasions.

Q. What does it cost to have my Featherweight painted?

New prices on new orders after 1/2017

A. The average price for a 221 is $500.00 plus shipping. Price for a two tone paint job is $550.00 + shipping.  The average price for a 222 is $700.00 plus shipping. However, every job is an individual challenge and prices vary according to the time spent painting, repairing minor cosmetic problems and servicing your machine. If you desire a premium color for your 221 like a pearl or one of the really true candy apple colors, the cost starts at $700.00 for our PREMIUM color options.

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